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Waterview Cluster, Reston VA

This is the first in a series of blog posts that focuses on different Reston neighborhoods.  It was hard to pick a place to start, there are so many amazing places to live in Reston; so much architectural diversity. I chose a place close to home... Waterview Cluster.

The specifics:

Waterview Cluster was designed in 1965 by award winning architect Chloethiel Woodard Smith. As its name implies many of the two and three story townhouse have beautiful water views of Lake Anne with the remaining situated on lushly landscaped wooded lots. The townhouses in this beautiful community have a charming mid-century modern meets cottage vibe. They are light and airy, with very inviting interior spaces. The mix of size and styles, some tall and skinny others short and square make for a unique and charming neighborhood.  Like most of Reston,  Waterview Cluster is very walk-able with paved walkways leading to Lake Anne Village Center and Reston Town Center. There is currently one active listing in Waterview Cluster.

The Waterview residents I know are unwavering in their affection for their neighborhood; they seem to share a kind of collective recognition that they live some place unique.

The links below for examples of different Waterview Cluster homes.

Small Waterview House - Medium Waterview HouseLarge Waterview House

Lake Anne Waterfront Townhouse Reston VA

What makes a neighborhood awesome?

I've been thinking a lot about what it is that makes a neighborhood a great place to live. What is it that moves a group of structures from dwellings to community? It helps to have a location that has a sense of "place" a sense that once you arrive you are someplace.

Those of us who live in Reston are fortunate to have many gathering places--public use spaces that were designed into and planned for from the beginning. What a difference it makes to the character of our neighborhoods.

I live in the original village center of Reston on Lake Anne Plaza; a mixed use small scale commercial and residential development with beautiful architecture, built around a lake with open spaces that beckon people to take their time, to stroll the boardwalk, or to sit under the umbrellas overlooking the lake. All of this taken together makes this a wonderful place to live--but still there is something else here. Its community, people from all kinds of backgrounds that choose to live in close proximity to one another. We are bound by our love of this place--it gives a common connection, something we value together; and I wonder if that's it, is that what makes this neighborhood a great place to live?

Reston VA Home Search Launch Day

Hi All,

So today is launch day of my new Reston VA home search website. I hope you will find it a useful tool as you research all that Reston has to offer.  I will be doing a series of articles on Reston neighborhoods and well as news and events. We are so fortunate and have so much to take advantage of right here in Reston.

Today I'm taking a few minutes to talk about the Reston Farmer's & Crafter's Markets, held down on Lake Anne every Saturday morning. A great Saturday morning activity this Farmers Market was voted number 1 by Northern VA Magazine in 2009.  In addition to great fresh produce, dairy and meats you will find amazing handcrafted jewelery and other beautiful items from around the world. There's a balloon twister and face painter for the kids and at least two and sometimes 3 places where you can stop and enjoy some music.

The Market is open from 8:00 - 1:30 (get there before 12:00 for the Farmers!) every Saturday from May - November.

Craft Market Vendor Reston, VA Lake Anne Village Center, Reston VA

If you've had a great time at the market on Saturday I hope you'll leave a comment. Also since this blog is all about Reston neighborhoods I hope you'll contact me if there's something you think I should know about.

Have a great week.

Waterfront like along a lake