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Lake Newport, Reston

Lake Newport Reston

Lake Newport offers luxury lakeside living with easy access to Reston Town Center, Lake Anne, and more.

Back in the early 1980s, the Lake Newport neighborhood brought contemporary, luxurious living to. The focal point of this charming community on the opposite side of Baron Cameron from Lake Anne is Lake Newport, a 12-acre man-made lake built in 1981.

On any beautiful day, you'll find residents canoeing and fishing in the lake, or using the approximately 1-mile walking path that loops the lake and takes you on a tour of the neighborhood.

You'll also find people enjoying the RA tennis courts and Lake Newport pool (Reston's only Olympic sized, 50m swimming pool), or wandering across Reston Parkway to enjoy a coffee, ice cream, or a great meal or to do their weekly grocery shopping at North Point.

The Lake Newport neighborhood is divided into several smaller sub-neighborhoods, all built in the 80s and 90s. Town and patio homes can be found at Hemingway, while large, luxurious single family homes are located in the Newport, Greenwich Point, BelCastle, Newport Shores, and Newport Cove neighborhoods.

Lake Newport Reston

A 1-mile loop on RA paths is a lovely afternoon walk around Lake Newport!

  • Lake Newport Road: Eastern end of Lake Newport Road off North Village Road. This neighborhood has 15 lovely custom-built 3- to 5-bedroom single family homes, many of which are direct lakefront.
  • Hemmingway: Hemingway Court and Drive off Center Harbor Drive. This neighborhood offers a combination of 25 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes and 50 townhomes.  About 15% of the townhomes are direct lakefront.
  • Newport: Regatta Lane off the Baron Cameron end of North Village Road. This neighborhood has 30 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, and about 20% are direct lakefront.
  • Greenwich Point: Greenwich Point Road off Center Harbor Drive. This neighborhood has about 25 lovely multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 25% are direct lakefront.
  • BelCastle: BelCastle Lane off Waterfront Road. This neighborhood has 20 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 30% are direct lakefront.
  • Newport Shores: Waterfront Road off Center Harbor Drive. This neighborhood has 30 multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom patio homes, of which 25% are direct lakefront.
  • Newport Cove: Newport Cove Lane off the Baron Cameron end of North Village Road. This neighborhood has 8 lovely multi-level 3- to 5-bedroom single family homes, of which 60% are direct lakefront.

If you want luxurious lakeside living in Reston, Lake Newport is the neighborhood for you.

Car free living in Reston? You bet.

Reston VA walkable community

Reston is considered 'Very Walkable'

Reston not only has something to offer everyone--parks, recreation, fine dining, music and entertainment, work opportunities, and more--it's close to Washington, DC, Dulles Airport, mountains, lakes, and, well, everything. But what about public transportation? Is car free living in Reston possible? After all, Reston is technically a suburb.

The answer is a very definite yes.

Even before we knew the Metro Silver line would be coming to Reston, getting around without a car was easy. In fact, 12% of Restonians use a method other than car to commute to work--and that number will rise with the Metro. That includes using Reston's numerous walking trails (you can bike on them too).

For those who like the idea of car free  living in Reston, we boast a terrific bus system that will get you wherever you need to go--the Reston Internal Bus System (RIBS). RIBS is a set of five routes that circulate around Reston, using the Town Center as a transfer point. They run frequently and reliably.

Many of the routes stop at places where you can pick up the Fairfax Connector, should you need to venture beyond Reston. The fare system for both buses is the same, and you can find out more about the routes and fare by visiting the Fairfax Connector website. If you don't want to take a taxi to Dulles Airport, you can catch Metrobus service from the Herndon Monroe Park and Ride. And, of course, there are places to rent a car for a day if you want to take a day trip to explore the area.

So, don't let your lack of a car keep you from exploring life in Reston. It really is easy to be car free in Reston!

Reston's Ring Road Neighborhood

Ring Road

The Ring Road neighborhood has something for everyone!

Ring Road is one of those wonderful, quiet neighborhoods with lovely homes situated on relatively large lots. With a mixture of Colonial, split-level, and ranch, there is something here for everyone. The homes are primarily three or four bedrooms, and most are owner occupied. Like many of the neighborhoods in Reston, Ring Road is very well-maintained and the homes tend to maintain their value over time

Ring Road is named because, not surprisingly, it forms a large ring, off of which are several cul-de-sacs with a range of architectural styles. The neighborhood boasts an RA tennis court, basketball courts, and one of the most popular RA pools in Reston--the Uplands pool, which has a wonderful water feature for children. Since the neighborhood was built in the early 70s, neighborhood children (and adults) have enjoyed the easy walk into Lake Fairfax park, which is less than a mile. Lake Fairfax park is home to the Watermine, as well as camping, hiking trails, baseball and soccer fields, and the beautiful Lake Fairfax.

The Ring Road neighborhood tends to attract urban sophisticates--people who are well traveled, well educated, and enjoy the arts. Neighbors here know each other, and it's common to hear stories of frequent get-togethers (I know of at least one dinner club that makes me wish I lived in the neighborhood).

Despite how quiet Ring Road is, it's is easily accessible to Route 7 and the Dulles Toll Road. The neighborhood will also boast shuttles to the new metro station when it opens.

If you're looking for a single-family home in a friendly and beautiful neighborhood, Ring Road is worth a look.

Reston Schools

I love this time of year. Even though I haven't been in school for (ahem) a few years, I still feel that giddy sense of anticipation each September. And I can see that the children of Reston have it too as they skip down the RA paths with back packs, instruments, and shiny new shoes ready for whatever learning adventure awaits them. How lucky we are that Reston schools are so great--both public and private schools.

Reston Schools:

  • 28 preschools
  • 15 elementary schools
  • 4 middle schools
  • 2 high schools

There are 10 public schools and 25 private schools in Reston...something for everyone. Just down the street from me, Lake Anne Elementary features a Spanish immersion program (and the children take field trips to Lake Anne Plaza to shop in the Mercado). For French or Japanese immersion, it's just a short hop over to a school in Herndon.

To find out more about Reston schools, visit the following sites:

Waterfront like along a lake