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Golf Course View Cluster

Golf Course View Cluster

Even in the middle of January, Golf Course View Cluster is a welcoming place to walk.

Reston is known for beautiful green spaces, and neighborhoods like Golf Course View Cluster are the reason. These 200 townhomes are situated in the middle of Reston National Golf Course, surrounded by wooded areas. Quite simply, this neighborhood is lovely.

Built in the early 1970s, the cluster is comprised of Golf Course View and Golf Course Square. The units are primarily 3 bedrooms homes, although each end unit has 4 bedrooms. Located at the end of Golf Course Drive--off of Soap Stone (at the Sunrise Valley Drive intersection)--in South Reston, the neighborhood is about one-half mile to the new Wiehle Metro Station.

One of the hallmarks of Golf Course View Cluster is the pride every resident takes in their home, in nurturing the mature landscape that surrounds the cluster, and in creating a safe and welcoming community. This is a neighborhood to consider if you want to know your neighbors.

golf course view cluster

The Reston National Golf Course surrounds Golf Course View Cluster.

In addition to being surrounded by the golf course, it's just a short hop over to the Newbridge Recreation Area--swimming pool, tennis courts and basketball court. The short drive to the Toll Road makes trips to Dulles Airport or into DC a breeze. And, of course, the miles of Reston trails, Reston Town Center, and South Lakes Village Center are also close by.

For families looking for the best that Reston has to offer and a close knit community of neighbors, Golf Course Island Cluster is the perfect place.

Working with Reston Association's Design Review Board

If you're living in Reston, chances are you are a member of Reston Association. That means if you want to make a change to the exterior of your home, you'll need the approval of the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB).

For some reason, working with the DRB fills many people with dread. I'm not sure why. Working the DRB is really very easy. I'm not just saying that because I'm on the RA board and am DRB Liaison. For years I've helped my clients (and friends and neighbors) work with the DRB. There are three simple tips for making the whole process smooth sailing.

1. Don't assume that what your neighbor did is ok There is no worse surprise than building your deck or adding a few windows only to get a letter from RA saying your in violation of design standards. In most of these situation, had the homeowner shown the plans to the DRB, the plans would have been approved with just a minor adjustment--saving the homeowner a lot of money and misery in the long run.

How can you avoid this mistake? Easy. Don't assume because your neighbor has done something that it is okay. If you want to build an addition or make an alteration, contact RA and go through the design review process. The time you spend upfront will save you time and money later.

2. Follow the Process My second piece of advice for homeowners is to simply follow the process. It's not difficult. The Reston Association website provides very detailed information about what the DRB covers, how to fill out the application, and who to talk to if you have questions. (Hint, it's your covenants advisor. Call (703) 435-6530 to find yours.)

3. Take advantage of the Covenants Advisors Your covenants advisor is a tremendous resource when it comes to planning your alteration/addition. They know what the guidelines are and they know what will or will not get DRB approval. You can save yourself tremendous time and energy by reaching out to them from the beginning. Some of the things they'll do for you include:

  • Sending you the guidelines or cluster standards that relate to your project
  • Advising you about the information you will need to provide with your application
  • Explaining how the review process works and what level of review and application will be necessary
  • Giving you an estimate of how long the review process might take for your project

Working with them is a benefit of RA membership. So use it!

The DRB plays an important role in upholding the design standards that make Reston so unique. Enjoy the process--and enjoy the changes to your home!


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Arbor Glen Cluster

Arbor Glen Cluster

Even though it was freezing outside the day I snapped these pictures, Arbor Glen still felt warm and cozy.

There are many pros to town house living--for me, the common space is one of the big ones. It's nice to have lots of green space that somebody else maintains. For many people, though, privacy is one of the detractors of a town house community. Arbor Glen Cluster in Reston, VA is one of those rare neighborhoods that has it all--lovely architecture, plenty of common space, and privacy. Lot's of privacy.

Miller & Smith designed this community of 44 townhouses to maximize privacy. The townhouses are arranged in groups of four to six in a "Z" row, which means that each house feels more private.  A private road, one-way road loops the cluster, adding to the charm of the neighborhood. While Arbor Glen is right off busy Lake Newport Road, and close to Reston Parkway (only the soccer fields stand between the two), the neighborhood is exceptionally quiet.

Arbor Glen Cluster

Arbor Glen Cluster is close to walking trails, shopping, and anything you could want to do.

These spacious 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes were built between 1986 and 1988. Nestled in a wooded area, Arbor Glen is less than a five minute walk to North Point Village Center and Lake Newport pool (Reston's only Olympic sized pool), and Reston Town Center is less than 2 miles away.

If you're looking for the privacy of a single family home, the convenience of a townhome community, and easy access to shopping, schools, and recreation, Arbor Glenn is the neighborhood for you.

How to avoid the gym in Reston

avoid the gym Strap on your shoes and hit the trails. There are lots of ways to avoid the gym in Reston! (Image courtesy of mapichai /

Strap on your shoes and hit the trails. There are lots of ways to avoid the gym in Reston! (Image courtesy of mapichai /

Happy New Year! What a wonderful holiday season we had here in Reston. But now that the holidays are over I, like most of my friends and clients, am turning my attention to being a little healthier in the new year. I was contemplating that the other day when I looked out the window and saw a group of women jogging through Lake Anne Plaza. That got me thinking about how to avoid the gym while still getting in shape. Here are some alternatives I found for people like me who really don't enjoy working out at a gym.

Running Clubs

Restonians like to exercise, and with the miles and miles of pathways we have access to, it's no surprise there are a few running clubs in Reston. The three I know of (and I say that because there could easily be more that I don't know about) are:

  • Reston Runners. I have a two friends that belong to Reston Runners--and neither is much of a runner. One walks with the walking group and the other joins the BFFs, which are a walk/run group (and, it turns out, the women I saw running through the plaza). Sounds like there is something for everyone at every fitness level.
  • Potomac River Running. PRR, the running store in Reston Town Center, hosts weekly fun runs from the store, as well as their race series. They also have a variety of running training programs. Their goal is to make sure you learn how to run safely so that you stay injury free and can continue enjoying the sport.
  • Lifetime fitness. Yes, it is a gym. But you don't need to be a member to participate in the running program. You just need to show up and run with the group. Now that's a great deal!

Boot Camps

I have to admit I've never done a boot camp. But I know a lot of people who do it, and they are all in fantastic shape. If you don't want to work out in a gym, you do want to work out with a group, and you aren't afraid to challenge yourself, boot camps are great. Three that offer classes in (or near) Reston are Active Duty Fitness, The Sergeant's Program, Custom Fitness Concepts. I'm sure you can find others too if you do a google search.


Biking has really gotten popular! I have friends who live for their weekend rides. It's always easy just to hop on the W&OD trail here in Reston. But if you want to go out with a group, The Bike Lane in Reston Town Center, Green Lizard Cycling in Herndon, and Spokes in Vienna lead bike rides on the weekends and some week nights.


Athleta in Reston Town Center frequently holds free yoga and other fitness classes. Check out their events calendar to find out what's going on. The Reston Community Center and Reston Association are also great sources for local fitness classes (and, of course, in the summer you can swim at the RA pools).

As you can see, it's easy to avoid the gym in Reston! I'm sure I haven't come close to covering all of the options. If you have any fun, non-gym places to exercise, I'd love to hear.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year!


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