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Golf Course View Cluster, South Reston

Golf Course View Cluster

Golf course living is not a new concept in Reston. In the early 1970’s developers incorporated townhome communities into the Reston National Golf Course’s design. Golf Course View Cluster is one of these lovely communities.

The 200 townhomes that comprise Golf Course View Cluster (Golf Course View and Golf Course Square) are situated in the middle of the golf course, surrounded by wooded areas. The units are primarily 3 bedrooms, although each end unit has 4 bedrooms. The residents take tremendous pride their neighborhood and their homes, creating a safe and welcoming community. This is a neighborhood to consider if you want to know your neighbors.

In addition to being surrounded by the golf course, it’s just a short hop over to the Newbridge Recreation Area — with its swimming pool, tennis courts and basketball court. Located at the end of Golf Course Drive — off of Soap Stone (at the Sunrise Valley Drive intersection) — in South Reston, the neighborhood is about one-half mile to the new Wiehle Metro Station. If you need to drive, it’s just a short hop to the Toll Road. And, of course, the miles of Reston trails, Reston Town Center, and South Lakes Village Center are also close.

For families looking for the best that Reston has to offer and a close-knit community of neighbors, Golf Course Island Cluster is the perfect place.

Go Green! 12 Ways to Have an Environmentally Friendly Home

environmentally friendly homeIs one of your goals for 2016 to reduce your carbon footprint? It's easier than you may think -- and it doesn't have to be a sacrifice. There are so many little steps you can take around the house that add up to big environmental benefits. I've gathered a list of 12 things you can do right now (or implement one a month for the next year). Have fun being green!


  1. Clean your refrigerator coils. This will help the refrigerator run more efficiently, and that saves energy. Cleaning the coils isn't something you think about much, but it's not hard. Just pull the refrigerator away from the wall, vacuum the dust out of the coils and wipe with a damp cloth. It will take 10 minutes at most.
  2. Keep your freezer full. A full freezer runs more efficiently than an empty one. You don't have to fill it with ice cubes and frozen dinners. There are a lot of things you can freeze. For example, milk freezes beautifully. So buy a bigger jug of milk, keep what you need and freeze the rest in mason jars. Rice also freezes well. I cook up large batches and then freeze single servings for when I need them.
  3. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at dinner. They're prettier and don't fill up the landfills. And if you're a dainty eater, you may get several uses out of one napkin before you need to wash it.
  4. Change out your light bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They use less energy and last longer. Yes, they are expensive. But they are worth it. 
  5. Cold this winter? Before you turn up the heat, try layering. An extra sweater or a fuzzy blanket will keep you warm and cozy... and save on your energy bill.
  6. If you need to buy a new appliance this year, make it an Energy Star-qualified one. Even if they cost a little more, they'll save you on your electricity bill in the long run.
  7. Stop using disposable roasting and baking pans. Sure they're convenient, but they're expensive in the long run and create waste. You can get a nice roasting pan for around $15. And a bonus--they are much sturdier. Taking the turkey out of the oven is much easier! 
  8. Repair leaky faucets and toilets. It is staggering how much water you waste with a small leak. A friend who let a running toilet run for a few months was a little shocked when her water bill came--it really adds up. Also, it's a good idea to install water-saving toilets and shower heads.
  9. Join Dominion's Green Power program and use energy from renewable sources to power your home. It costs a little, but more is worth it.
  10. Stop using your dryer sheets, which are loaded with toxins. A wool ball with a safety pin in it will stop the static cling. You can find all sorts of wool balls on
  11. Buy a new houseplant. They really do help keep your air cleaner.
  12. Thinking of freshening the paint in your house? Use low or VOC-free paint. Not only is it Earth friendly, it's wallet friendly too.

Bonus tip: Take your own mug to the Lake Anne Coffee Shop (or wherever you get your daily fix) -- some coffee shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own cup. 

See, it's easy to go green. What other tips do you have for an environmentally friendly home?


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Arbor Glenn Cluster in North Reston, VA

Arbor Glenn ClusterPrivacy in a townhouse? That doesn't seem possible. Many people who choose townhouse living do so at the expense of feeling like they have any real privacy. But it doesn't have to be that way. Miller & Smith designed Arbor Glenn cluster to maximize privacy. The 44 townhouses are arranged in groups of four to six in a "Z" row, which means that each house feels more private. 

But the privacy doesn't stop there. A private, one-way road loops the cluster, adding to the charm of the neighborhood and keeping through traffic out. So while Arbor Glenn is right off busy Lake Newport Road, and close to Reston Parkway (only the soccer fields stand between the two), the neighborhood is very quiet.

Built between 1986 and 1988 when the North Point area of Reston was built up, these spacious townhomes have three or four bedrooms. While the community is close to North Point Village Center and the bustle of Reston Parkway, it's nestled in a wooded area that makes it feel more secluded than it is. Arbor Glenn is less than a five-minute walk to North Point Village Center and Lake Newport pool (Reston's only Olympic sized pool), and Reston Town Center is less than 2 miles away.

And Arbor Glenn has all of the pros of a townhome community, including beautiful common areas that you don't have to maintain! That's right; you don't need a lawnmower if you live here.

Fun Indoor Winter Activities Near Reston

Winter is here (maybe…this weather is weird). And while it may be warm enough to hang outside, the gray and rain may make you want to stay inside. You may want to stay inside, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay at home. Here are three great indoor activities near Reston that you and (in two cases) the family can enjoy all winter.

Visit the Smithsonian

You don’t have to travel into DC to enjoy the Smithsonian museums—the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is located just down Route 28 in Chantilly, only about 10 minutes from Reston. This is where all the big, cool aerospace things are, like the Space ShuttleDiscovery, the Concord and SR-71 Blackbird. You can also watch planes take off and land from Dulles International Airport from the comfort of the Donald D. Engen Observation Tower. And if that isn’t enough, check out their events calendar for more fun.

Visit Local Historical Sites

Mount Vernon gets most of the glory when it comes to historical homes in Northern Virginia, but it’s not the only one. Founding Father George Mason's home is also in Fairfax County. Gunston Hall is just down the road in Lorton. It’s a great place to learn about the man who's writings inspired America's Bill of Rights. Closer to home, we have Sully Historic Site in Chantilly (just a few minutes away from the Udvar-Hazy Center) and Colvin Run Mill just down the street, off Route 7 (which has a great little general store).  

Sample a Local Brew

Craft breweries are in, and we’ve got several good ones in Fairfax County — Forge Brew Works and Fair Winds Brewing Co. in Lorton, Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, and Aslin Beer Company in Herndon. And soon, we’ll have one even closer to home in Reston! We can’t wait for the Lake Anne Brew House to open. Perhaps this isn’t for the whole family, but you deserve to have some adult fun! Find yourself a designated driver and enjoy a day of beer tasting.

For more fun, indoor ideas for the winter (and whenever, really), check out this guide from Fairfax County.

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