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Reston Town House Living - The Good and the Great

I don't know if the large number of townhomes in Reston is unique to our area or not. or not; I've only lived in a few places over my life so I don't have a good basis for comparison. Clearly it is a part of Reston living with close to a 140 separate townhouse clusters. These clusters are wildly varied from the comfortable and modest to over-the-top luxurious. Of course the one feature that they all have in common is the proximity an owner shares with their neighbor. For those of you who haven't lived in a townhouse the proximity issue isn't necessarily about hearing things through common walls so much as it is about the general feeling of others being close by--not a bad thing for many.

Townhomes in Reston VA

The perfect size yard

What does Reston offer?

What Reston townhouses do offer is a wide range of housing options for almost every price point. There are currently 109 townhouses for sale in Reston ranging in price from 150,000 - 990,000. My husband and I moved to a townhouse as a part of our downsizing. The kids were gone the house was more than we wanted to care for;so we moved to a three level townhouse with a beautiful postage stamp sized yard on Lake Anne.  We loved it.  Not only was there a lot less to care for, we loved the since of community that comes when you live in such close proximity to others.

We enjoyed the frequent sidewalk chats with neighbors and the feeling that we kept an eye out for one another; it's a nice way to live.  We've since moved to a condo where that feeling of community is even more pronounced.  Last years' snow storms gave rise to several spontaneous pot luck dinners, board game parties and neighbors helping to dig out one another's cars.

If you've never considered a townhouse or condo in Reston because you've worried about living in such close proximity, maybe you should reconsider, there is a lot of upside to this housing style.

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