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Uplands Neighborhood in Reston VA

In a few weeks the Spring Peepers will begin to sing. It's one of the things like fireflies and the Fall colors that remind me how much I have come to love living on the East Coast.

Uplands Neighborhood Map VA

The Uplands area of Reston has a wide range of housing types.

I first heard the little frogs when Rick and I moved with our tribe of daughters to Reston. We lived on Buttermilk Lane in a beautiful modern Bonner home in the Uplands. This area of Reston is bordered Wiehle Avenue and Lake Fairfax Drive at one end and by Baron Cameron and Lake Fairfax Park at the other end.

Family properties in the Uplands Neighborhood

Uplands includes several townhouses clusters and single family homes in a wide variety of types from small ranch styles houses to large contemporary and pretty much everything in between. The neighborhood has a great layout with just two access points; while there is a convenient cut over to Rt. 7 mostly the people driving through the area live there.

The neighborhood boast a great kid oriented pool and a huge recreation area that includes 2 tennis courts, a full sized basket ball court, a baseball diamond, hiking trail along Buttermilk Creek and the huge Winter attraction of sledding on King Kong Hill. Forest Edge Elementary School is there for the educational needs of the little ones.

The Uplands is the quintessential suburban Reston neighborhood. It was ideal for our large family. The safety of the cul-de-sac for learning how to ride a bike, the freedom of letting the kids walk to school and to the pool, for us it was the perfect Reston neighborhood.

Plenty of Nature around too

Like most of Reston the Uplands is beautiful; full of nature with deer and foxes a common sight. The walk along the Buttermilk Creek trail to the back of Lake Fairfax is hushed and wooded; if you walk towards Lake Fairfax park when the first few evenings get warm you'll be rewarded with the sound of the Spring Peppers.

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  1. Maggie on

    To this day that sound makes me feel sleepy and happy... instinctively I know Summer Vacation is coming. Ahhh, nostalgia.
    • Susan Rose on

      I grew up in Uplands...your post made me nostalgic for summer days when we would either walk to Lake Anne to buy candy at the Pharmacy or wander along the Buttermilk trail to go explore Lake Fairfax Park. Then when I was a teenager, I just spent my days at the pool. Who needed summer camps when there was so much to do? I loved growing up in that neighborhood!
      Waterfront like along a lake