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Staging Tips for Sellers: Painting

staging tips for sellers The number 1 staging tips for sellers: paint your walls! Image courtesy of Dan / 

The number 1 staging tips for sellers: paint your walls! Image courtesy of Dan / 

Welcome to my series on staging tips for sellers, a place where I talk about the little things you can do to make your house sell. Today the subject is painting.

I can't tell you the number of times I've taken an enthusiastic buyer into what I know is the perfect home for them, only to have them walk away because the color of the walls didn't appeal to them. You think I'm joking? Absolutely not.

People react to a potential home on a very emotional level. The first impression matters. And if that first impression is unappealing to them, they really won't look carefully at the rest of the house.

Staging Tips for Sellers: Painting your walls

Painting your home to ready it for sale is one of the easiest home improvements you can make, and it will help you sell your house. You may think the purple walls in your living room are pretty, but chances are that unless a buyer loves that exact color, it will turn them off. And the black wall in your bedroom. Um, no.

What colors do buyers like? Typically neutral colors sell. People can imagine their furniture in a house that has pretty, but neutral walls. Does that mean stark white or boring beige? Not at all.

  • Go with Earth tones (the browns, greens, blues, oranges, reds and tans that you would find in nature), which are warm, inviting colors. They'll make the buyer feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Creams and neutral yellows photograph beautifully. More importantly, a buyer can easily visualize their furniture in the rooms--those colors match just about everything. A light blue in the bedroom will help the buyer envision complete relaxation and a stress-free oasis.
  • Coffee colors are especially nice against hardwood floors. Oranges and reds are great colors for the kitchen because they stimulate the appetite and will make the buyer imagine eating in the house, as long as the hues are soft and appealing and not in your face.

Is a splash of bright color okay anywhere? Absolutely. Bathrooms are a great place to add some brightness. They're small enough so the thought of repainting doesn't scare a buyer off, but the color adds personality.

When in doubt, consult with your realtor--we assess homes every day and can help you find the right colors that will make your house shine... and sell.

What is the worst color you've ever seen in a house?

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