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Should You Sell Your Home Now? (as in, during the holidays)

Chanukah begins today, and Christmas is approaching right on its heels with New Years around the corner. With everything going on this time of year, many sellers opt to wait until well into the new year to list their home. Some believe summer is the best time to sell, and others simply don't want to interrupt their favorite holiday traditions. Should you sell your home now?

Selling at this time of year can actually be very beneficial to the seller. I recently came across an article on that discussed 10 reasons why you can sell your home during the holidays. There are three points in particular that I like.

  1. More international buyers The number of home buyers from other countries has increased dramatically--especially in Reston. These buyers don't observe the same calendar of events as most Americans.
  2. Seller competition is lighter during the holidays There are plenty of buyers out there right now. But with sellers reluctant to list their homes during the holidays, there is a shortage of inventory. Take advantage of that.
  3. You don't have to forgo holiday decorating or take phone calls during the holiday feast. You can set boundaries about when you show your house (and even set up black out dates), and decorations don't turn off most buyers. But having your house listed means it will be on the website, and during the holidays the number of online searches soars. This means your house will be viewed virtually, and that's a good thing.

Read the article for more insights as to why this is a great time of year to sell your home. Or call me and I can help you get ready.

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