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Mom and Pop: The Boutique Bake Shop

The Boutique Bakeshop Is your mouth watering yet? (Photo courtesy of The Boutique Bakeshop website.)

Is your mouth watering yet? (Photo courtesy of The Boutique Bakeshop website.)

As a real estate agent and a lover of mom and pop businesses, I love it when I see young entrepreneurs making creative decisions to help them realize their dreams. That is one of two reasons why I love The Boutique Bakeshop. You just have to look at the pictures of some of their cakes and desserts to know the other reason I love them.

Yes, they are not based in Reston. But they are just a few miles down Baron Cameron (aka Rt. 606) in Herndon. You have to head that way if you're going to Trader Joe's or Mom's Organic Market anyway, so you might as well stop in for a treat.

Aside from the amazing sweets, why do I think they are creative? Because the Boutique Bakeshop is a baker's collective comprised of five very small businesses: Stephanie the Baker, Sweets by e, Sugar Pig Wholesale Sweets, The Itty-Bitty cake company, and Beau Monde Bakers.

Commercial real estate is very expensive, and none of these small businesses would be able to afford the rent alone -- that's a lot of cupcakes and pastries! But together, they can share a commercial kitchen, practice their art, be inspired by their peers, and showcase their talents through the public bakeshop. It's a quadruple win. Read more about the inspiration for this collective here.

The small bakery in the storefront is a stroke of genius--it lets people try out the bakers' treats before buying a whole cake (or whatever else is on the menu). They've got a comfy couch, a few tables, and good coffee. What more could you want? But don't trust me. Go visit them today!

Address: 336 Elden Street Herndon, VA 20170

(hint--it's right behind the McDonald's just before you get to the K-Mart/MOM's shopping center)

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