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Love to Swim? Reston Makes it Easy.

Reston VA Public PoolsTrue, we have had so much rain this Spring that you may feel like you’re living inside a pool. But you can’t swim laps in a downpour. You can swim laps at any one of the 15 Reston Association Pools in our community. The pools are one of the best amenities Reston Association offers, but you don’t have to be an RA member to enjoy it—pool passes are available for you too. 

The pools are situated throughout Reston, so chances are there is one within walking distance of your home. But many residents choose their favorite pool based on factors such as shade, kid-friendliness, adult-friendliness or hours. Whichever pool you chose, it will feature lap lanes, areas to splash around, and plenty of lounge chairs. But each pool has it’s own personality and attracts people for different reasons. Here’s a lowdown on what each pool offers so you can plan your day in the sun (or shade).

For children of all ages

  • Uplands (11032 Ring Road, North Reston)
    Uplands is the premier pool for families with toddlers. The zero-depth children’s pool (0-3 feet deep) has interactive fountains, a cold-water spa, and an interactive sand pit. The pool also has an ADA in-water wheelchair.
  • Glade (11550 Glade Drive, South Reston)
    Glad has a 20-foot slide! Need I say more? Parents can relax in the spa while the kids are sliding or diving off the 1-meter diving board. There is also a wading pool for the little ones.
  • Hunters Woods (2501 Reston Parkway, South Reston)
    For those who like their water sports, this pool features separate water basketball and volleyball areas. It also has a diving board and children’s splash area. For the parents, there is a large spa. The pool also features an ADA ramp into the main pool.
  • Shadowood (2201 Springwood Drive, South Reston)
    This smaller, quieter pool also has a slide for the kids. There is also a wading pool and small picnic area.
  • North Hills (1325 North Village Road, North Reston)
    This pool features two shallow play areas, one of which has a fountain. For family day at the pool, there are also picnic tables, a grass beach area, and a picnic pavilion with grills. And don’t forget the spa!
  • Autumwood (11950 Walnut Branch Road, North Reston)
    This pool is a toddler’s paradise with its large wading area and fountain. There is also a covered picnic area and playground nearby.
  • North Shore (11515 North Shore Drive, North Reston)
    This heated pool is a family favorite. And those who like to get their laps in early love it too. It opens early in the season and is the last pool to close in September. The pool features a spa, wading pool, ADA ramp to the pool deck, ADA hydro lift chair into the main pool, and shaded upper deck with picnic tables. And it has special adult only hours.

For sun worshippers

With plenty of sunny spots, these pools are great if you want to get some serious rays.

  • Dogwood (2460 Green Range Road, South Reston)
  • Golf Course Island (11301 Links Drive, North Reston). There is also a large playground with grills next to the pool—perfect for summer parties.
  • Lake Audubon (2070 Twin Branches Road, South Reston). In addition to your pool amenities, there is a boat ramp to Lake Audubon nearby if you want to take out your canoe or sunfish.

For shade seekers

If you want to spend the day at the pool without spending a day in the sun, these pools are perfect for you.

  • Lake Thoreau (2040 Upper Lake Drive, South Reston). Lake Thoreau has adult only swim hours early in the morning.
  • Newbridge (11758 Golf Course Square, South Reston)
  • Ridge Heights (11400 Ridge Heights Road, South Reston). This pool is heated. It opens early in the season and is one of the last pools to close.
  • Tall Oaks (12025 North Shore Drive, North Reston)

For serious swimmers

  • Lake Newport (11601 Lake Newport Road, North Reston)
    Lake Newport pool is Reston’s only 50-meter pool and is a favorite for serious swimmers. There is also a sand volleyball area, and two 1-meter diving boards, a wading pool, and a covered picnic area with grills. 
  • North Shore and Lake Thoreau have adult only swim hours in the mornings, so you can get your laps in without little ones cutting through your swim lane.

For spa lovers

If you love the Jacuzzi as much as the swim, visit these pools:

  • Glade
  • Hunters Woods
  • Lake Thoreau
  • North Hills
  • North Shore

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