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Reston townhomes

Ivy Oak Cluster, North Reston, VA

ivy oak cluster

When most people think of condo living in Reston, they think of the high-rise buildings in and around Reston Town Center. Guess what? Within a half mile of Reston Town Center, you can find a condominium community of townhouses. That?s right. Townhouses. Ivy Oak Cluster is the perfect place for anyone who wants the ease of condo living ? that [...]

Arbor Glenn Cluster in North Reston, VA

Privacy in a townhouse? That doesn’t seem possible. Many people who choose townhouse living do so at the expense of feeling like they have any real privacy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Miller & Smith designed Arbor Glenn cluster to maximize privacy. The 44 townhouses are arranged in groups of four to six in a “Z” row, which means [...]

Golf Course View Cluster, South Reston

Golf course living is not a new concept in Reston. In the early 1970’s developers incorporated townhome communities into the Reston National Golf Course’s design. Golf Course View Cluster is one of these lovely communities.

The 200 townhomes that comprise Golf Course View Cluster (Golf Course View and Golf Course Square) are situated in the [...]

3 Perfect Neighborhoods for Lake Living in South Reston

Lake Thoreau in Reston VA

Although I live on Lake Anne, I am more than willing to admit that the two lakes in South Reston are beautiful. Lake Audubon and Lake Thoreau dominate the landscape of South Lakes—on beautiful spring and summer days, you will see people canoeing or lounging on their lake barges. You’ll also see plenty of people enjoying the Reston [...]

Bayfield Station Cluster in North Reston

In the North Point area of Reston, just off Reston Parkway, is a charming cluster of 50 townhouses called Bayfield Station. Designed in a Garrison Colonial style and built in 1984, these small homes are either 1,120 or 1,160 square feet. While the lots vary in size, all of them have a fenced back yard.

The Bayfield Station townhouses are positioned in groups, most of which are face Bayfield Court (the cluster’s main road). Three groups face into the wooded buffer [...]

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