Reston Walkability

Reston Walkability

Reston was designed for walkability - the notion that a person should be able to walk to anything they need; the grocery store, entertainment, recreation. With 55 miles of paved walking trails, multiple pools, recreation facilities, and village and convenience centers spread throughout the area, you really can go a long way without a car.

If your destination is a little too far to walk, Reston has convenient public transit stops. The bottom line: you don’t need a car if you live in Reston.

To learn more about the “walkability” of Reston, one way is to use Walk Score. Here you can plug in an address and get a 1 to 100 range score for getting around on foot to various places such as restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, parks, libraries, and much more. From any neighborhood, Reston’s walkability ratings are high. Find out how well Reston rates!

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